Effective risk management is essential to protect your company from devastating losses and position it for future growth. We help clients review and implement integrated solutions that improve strategic decision-making and daily operations.

Risk Solutions

Our clients rely on us to develop and implement strategies to quantify, mitigate, and transfer risk. United Benefits offers industry experience and approaches every engagement differently to accommodate each client’s unique needs.


Risk Consulting Services

United Benefits has the professional depth and expertise to address your company’s specific issues across a wide range of risk management challenges. More importantly, we take the time to understand your business goals, objectives and strategy for retaining risk, and then create customized solutions tailored to those unique objectives and priorities.


A fully integrated, comprehensive plan for managing people, capital and technology risks across your organization. Our advisors assess, benchmark, and improve a client’s capabilities, by using data and assessment tools, including a comprehensive Risk Management Diagnostic. We use a holistic assessment of the effectiveness of risk management, this diagnostic helps generate a view on the perceived strengths and weaknesses and encompasses a self-assessment tool, peer benchmarking and provides detailed insights into risk culture and compliance best practices as a basis for developing initiatives.


Issues addressed:

  • How do my current capabilities compare to those of peers and industry best practices?
  • Is my risk organization set up efficiently compared to that of my peers?
  • Do I understand where risk culture is in my organization?
  • Which interventions are necessary to improve risk culture?


Our Process

01 Assessment

We analyze and identify your risk profile using risk assessment tools addressing people, technologies, and financial assets. Combining diagnostic tools with risk management knowledge and expertise allows our teams to identify and manage risks facing an organization uniquely.

02 Protection

We use our analyses and experience to develop strategic solutions designed to minimize and mitigate risk exposure, addressing people, technologies, and financial assets. Our advisors identify risks and develop risk transfer programs to protect against a wide array of perils.

03 Recovery

Our advisors work closely with your organization’s response teams, both internal and external, to coordinate and implement your organization’s incident response plans. Our team also helps organizations integrate risk transfer programs into their business continuity plans by developing and implementing strategies designed to minimize business interruption and loss of capital in the event of an incident.