Employee Benefits is a dynamic industry, and United Benefits aligns with the most forward-thinking companies to provide quality solutions.

Who we are

United Benefits is an advisory, broking, and solutions firm designed to operate as one with our clients and founded by a robust set of values focused on client impact. We help businesses mitigate healthcare costs and accomplish their desired outcomes through employer and employee engagement. We successfully manage clients of any size, scope, and complexity to support their needs. Unlike other consulting firms, United Benefits is a regional agency with a national presence. We partner with a leader in the digital insurance market, allowing us to empower our clients to make smarter business decisions throughout the entire lifecycle for better health, wellness, and safety.

Powered by knowledge

United Benefits reviews market trends and emerging best practices locally, nationally, and globally. We invest in our firm’s knowledge development, learning, and building capability resources to better understand our client’s environment. Our investment in knowledge helps advance the practice of solution management.


Our work is rooted in business, technology, and behavior insights. We see things that others miss, offering you more creative solutions that combine our experience and expertise, and industry insights to create value in your organization.


We work collaboratively and build lasting relationships and capabilities with our clients. We design and implement benefit solutions using a flexible and comprehensive value-based strategy.


We have a client-first focus and define our success by results. We manage benefits from evaluation to implementation and use multiple solutions for benefits administration and HR services.

Defined by principles

Principles define our purpose, and our values are more than words. A strong client focus, striving to lead and sustain excellence, unwavering integrity, honesty, and professional quality of work are at the core of our history.

Client focus is always first.

We strive to help our clients succeed. In every interaction and with every solution, we act in our client’s best interests – striving to understand their needs, respecting their perspectives, and exceeding their expectations.

We strive to lead and sustain excellence.

We commit to professional development and personal growth. Our colleagues take responsibility for developing their expertise, competencies, and professional stature. In business, we place a focus on innovation and risk management.

Integrity and honesty are the foundation of our business.

We earn trust daily through professionalism, doing what is right, and telling the truth. We are accountable to the organizations and people we interact with, including clients, partners, and each other, for our actions and results.

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work.

We strive to achieve excellence and to be the best rather than the biggest. While recognizing individuals and organizations’ challenges while managing their benefits, we continuously strive to find a better solution to a client’s problems.